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Woman in love surrenders wholeheartedly to a lover. But before surrendering she must feel absolute confidence in his love. Neurasthenia in man and hysteria in the woman is too often the price of failure in love.

Is it wife's moral duty to satisfy her husband?

Gentle playful resistance and half concealed attractions exercise the imagination and mutual desire but negative attitude and lack of active co-operation when excitation has been established should not be shown. Hasty action on the part of husband may be politely discouraged but personal desire should be warmly welcomed. There are ladies whose even half hearted excuses irritate a person and in return he becomes beast and starts hating her. There should be no submission in the absence of emotion but once union has taken place greater should be the display of animation.

Should wife put up her all demands during the weaker movements of husband?

No, not at all. There is some difference between life partner and prostitute! You may win over your husband by expressing love, affection and gratefulness but pressing demands either may irritate husband or if he is intelligent enough may agree to your demands temporarily not to lose pleasure at a point of time but he will never fulfil demands once he gets orgasm.


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