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Two omega 3 and 6 oil capsules twice daily. It lubricates joints. Double the dose if in severe pain.

One glass of celery juice daily or two celery tablets daily. For taste and health, mix with carrot juice.

Two tablets of the standardised extract of boswellia twice daily or one tablet daily as a preventative. Boswellia, which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, is excellent for arthritis (and also for inflammation of the bowel). There is often a link between inflammation of the bowel and arthritis. You may find this herb mixed with ginger and turmeric (both natural antiinflammatories) .

One or two ginger capsules three times a day. Ginger tablets have relieved many joint problems because they stimulate the circulation. They are especially useful for those in cold countries, to assist mobility. In fact they are very useful when skiing or participating in water sports in cold water.

Glucosamine sulfate: one tablet two to three times a day.

I have made many wonderful tonics for arthritis using

traditional herbs, and if the client stays on these daily over the winter period, when joints seem to be at their worst, the aches and pains are kept under control without the long-term effects of anti-inflammatories. The following tonic is recommended. . Equal parts of celery, dandelion, prickly ash, boswellia (you can also take this herb separately as a tablet for better results), willow bark, devil's claw, liquorice, ginger and astragalus (which helps the immune system in chronic conditions). Take one teaspoon in water twice daily.

A liniment containing the Chinese herbs kadsura, pothos and curcuma, and menthol, camphor and some wintergreen oil. These are available at your health store. Rub on the affected area.


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