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It is not true that every time wife is aroused and does not reach climax she will be left in a painful state of neuro muscular tension. According to our survey ladies who were handled affectionately, even after not getting orgasm, felt satisfied. Certain experienced ladies who very frequently had orgasm were not experiencing complete sexual relief. Hence some women are capable of having enjoyable intercourse which gives them release from sexual desire without climax.

Does orgasm in the female increase the chances that conception will occur during ovulation period?

So far there is no strong evidence about it. But immediately after orgasm there is marked drops in uterine pressure which might be sufficient to assist the passage of sperm from the vagina through the cervix into the uterus.

Do beautiful girls get orgasm more frequently than ordinary looking one?

It is possible that the husband of beautiful wife may be considerate, may love his wife more but orgasm does not depend on face-figure only. Good sex relies on accumulated skills, a willingness to share and experiment.

Excessive sex is more harmful to husband or wife?

Husband is always an active partner in sex and he gets orgasm practically every time. On an average man loses about 250 to 350 calories each time. Excessive intercourse is more debilitating to man than to the woman. To wife excesses cause nervous strain and distressing psychic reactions but excesses drain the man of his reserve calories


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